Saturday, February 21, 2009

Utah Senator Threatens America

Late news from Utah - the state that exports hate by funneling millions of dollars to fund anti-gay measures in places like California: State Sen. Chris "The Butt(hole)" Buttars has now positioned himself to be a serious threat to the security and well-being of a sizable segment of his own constituency and the entire country's citizenry.

Of course, the targets of his hatred are decent, law-abiding, tax-paying Americans and our families who happen to be members and supporters of America's LGBT minority.

An elected official broadcasting a deep personal prejudice (founded in stubborn ignorance) against ALL gay people - especially those of us in committed loving relationships - Sen. Buttars' sets a frankly terroristic tone and example for a volatile public looking to vent their pent-up anger.

He has demonstrated perverse audacity in condemning US as "America's Greatest Threat!" over the likes of Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-Il, Dick "The Torturer" Chaney and Bernie Madoff.

This man, Buttars, has shown himself to be a clear and present danger to those millions of Americans like myself who support legitimacy for our fellow citizens who happen to be gay. He is unfit to lead.

The hostile tone of such hateful rhetoric from persons in leadership positions has proven to incite violence against individuals and entire groups named as a "THREAT" without cause.

In these times of deepening national hardship - due to the state of our economy and other disasters wrought by such leaders as Buttars himself - it is especially irresponsible for this man to spread lies using abusive language.

We responsible LGBT Americans love our country and support our leaders who call for defense against her REAL threats and enemies. Likewise we condemn those who would use their positions to incite violence against any of our fellow citizens and their families.

I hope you will join the Human Rights Campaign in condemning Sen. Buttars' remarks as well. And I hope you will urge that official action be taken by supporting the move to censure Sen. Butt-ars.

HRC has organized a write-in campaign to Sen. Michael Waddoups, President of Utah's State Senate, calling for censure of Chris Buttars. As one of Utah's leading public servants, it is Waddoups responsibility to protect the safety and well-being of the Mormom state's citizens. Visit the HRC website to add your voice to the call for punitive action against Sen. Buttars' mean-spirited rhetoric.

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