Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy VD~

Talk about unlikely coincidences: my very dear, very busy and very neglected (by me) friend Judith was born on Valentine's Day (click on the title for a link to her blog).

I don't know, maybe it is altogether fitting and proper after all. It's just a few days after the joint birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin - both 200 this year. Hers is also a week to the day after my deceased partner's birthday and a week minus a day before mine.

After my partner died in 1992 Judith created a piece of art commemorating his passing away. The image captured the moment in a way that is typical of her work from the time...

Mourning Glory, J. Schaechter 1992.

Judith is an incredibly wonderful normal person who I am lucky to know and am stupid enough to not keep in touch with. Even though we are neighbors I am ashamed to think about how infrequently I ever see her.

On her birthday Judith is giving a workshop at the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle in NYC. Too bad. I was going to call her and wish her a happy happy which I'll do anyway.

If you check out her work on the web and at Claire Oliver Gallery (513 W 26th St NYC) I guarantee you will just want to see more. She has that kind of effect on people.

Happy Birthday Judith!

1 comment:

Judith Schaechter said...

Hi Ted--
I love you lots and we'll get together soon!!!!

This is a very nice post--what a surprise!
Lots of love, Judith