Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is what 21st Century Democracy Looks Like

During this transition of Administrations that should take us from the Dark Ages to somewhere closer to Reality in the 21st Century, there are many ways We the People can try to have our voices heard on every issue that may affect us as Americans. If you are anything like me you have received any number of emails that urge you to Let Obama Know how you feel about certain issues. If you do not know how you feel there are plenty of them who will tell you. They have your email already composed with all your personal information already filled in. All you have to do is push the button and let fly your message that parrots however many also got the memo and followed instructions.

Who knows if it will really have any significant effect? But I think of it as kind of a another chance to vote -- and who thought voting would ever actually bring about any real change?

Gotta keep hope alive.

I have been busy sending dozens of messages through various groups' websites that continually flood me with email. Of course, I rarely just let someone else speak for me so I almost always add my own two cents worth even if what I have to say doesn't completely jive with what I'm told I'm supposed to think. But I always try to be respectful to the reader and not totally contradict the message of whatever group has given me the opportunity to push their agenda.

One I sent this morning from the Union of Concerned Scientists was meant to urge the new President to let science guide US policies on Nuclear Weapons and Global Warming. I do agree with the sentiment and I added the following after my signature on their petition.

"Science = Reality, filtered by reason rather than dogma. The outgoing Administration's policies were beholden to the interests of religious extremists who deny any sense of reality that conflicts with their static view of life. Such an attitude dangerously subverts any attempt to deal with real-world issues because they are not based in reality as we experience it. It is solidly based on fears that any action we take may violate some religious law. Those sects beliefs are contradictory among themselves but they all fear for our destiny in the afterlife rather than the current and future lives of anyone while we live on this Earth. As President-elect I know you understand this. When you take the Oath of Office you will be swearing on the Bible to uphold the Constitution. As someone else famously said, 'You will NOT be swearing on the Constitution to uphold what is in the Bible.

The Obama/Biden Transition Team has created its own mechanism for tuning into your vision for the future of America. I urge to go to and wing it. You may be adding extra value to your vote!

This video gives you one option for giving input to the new National agenda. You also have a limited time to submit your written ideas through

Here is another place you can put your two cents worth in about how to help repair America's image and moral authority in the world: CLOSE GITMO!

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